Pearsons Glass has built a strong reputation over the years for supplying glass suitable for cabinetry. Our products are well-known for their exceptional quality and precision.

Whether you require glass for traditional applications like kitchen cabinet doors and display cases or more contemporary uses such as fume cupboards, we have a wealth of experience and range of products to offer.

Utilising our multiple CNC machines, Pearson Glass ensures a high quality finish and precise accuracy, ensuring that your products seamlessly fit into any framework. We can also combine various processes to meet safety requirements for your project, including toughening, laminating, and window filming.

If your client seeks a unique and distinctive finish, don't hesitate to contact our team about our assortment of bespoke glasses, which includes options like GOETHE, reeded, rivuletta, tinted glasses, and more. Pearsons Glass is the ideal partner for those in search of distinctive and exceptional products.

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