UV Bonding

UV Bonding

As specialist in glass bonding, Pearsons Glass offers both glass to glass and glass to metal bonding, enabling legs, handles and hinges to be bonded with seamless joints.

Manufactured using our CNC precision equipment, we ensure all glass is machined to the highest level of accuracy, eliminating any gaps or misalignment during the bonding process.

Using the latest UV curing adhesive, we create a crystal-clear finish whilst providing a strong joint. These transparent joins give maximum light show through, ensuring display items are shown to their best, perfect for use in hot or cold food display units, shopfitting display cases, shelving units and much more.

If you are you looking for maximum impact for your products, why not choose low-iron glass. Reducing the colour distortion of standard float glass, low-iron enhances the intricacies of the items and boost the selling potential of the items inside!

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