Whether you’re looking to obscure visibility in products such as shower screens and balustrading, or removing the silver coating from specific areas of a mirror to allow for rear illumination and patterns, Pearsons Glass offer it all!

Sandblasting is a technique we have been renowned for across the industry for many years, thanks to our ability to cater to any level of detailing, as well as the support and guidance offered to clients with an idea that they want to bring to life.

Sand is sprayed at a high speed over the surface of glass, removing a thin layer of material and leaving a translucent finish. Different depths of blasting can vary the shade and aesthetic look given from the blasting process, perfect for intricate designs that require a high-end finish.

Why not also ask our team about RitecClearShield®? Once applied, ClearShield® prevents contaminants from bonding to the glass surface and limits further damage caused by corrosion and chemical attack. Cleaning is also easier without the need for harsh abrasives, saving time and money!

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