Whether you’re looking for additional levels of safety, wall art, or to match a theme within an interior design scheme, our laminating process offers it all!

Thanks to our EVA kiln, Pearsons Glass can offer laminated glass that encapsulates fabric, mesh, printed PET and much more. The lower heat and higher pressure within the kiln enables us to include your free-issue materials in between glass, allowing your creativity to run wild.

When it comes to protection, toughened laminated glass is one of the safest you’ll find. Combining any thicknesses from 4mm up to 15mm, each layer will be toughened to strengthen the glass against any impact. Our laminating process ensures the glass integrity will hold in place in the event of any damage, offering peace of mine to you and your clients.

Why not also look at combining our UV Printing or Painting processes before laminating your glass, adding a real wow factor to your project!

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